Allianz Life Insurance (M) Berhad Whole Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Investment Linked, Health and Medical Insurance, Endowment, Group Insurance, Worksite, Education Plan, Retirement Plan, Guaranteed Income Plan, Business Insurance
Power Link, Power Income , Power Life,
Power Shield, Taipan, Power Future, Power Cash, MRTA, CLTA, Unit Linked
  AmAssurance Berhad Family and Protection, Saving and Investment, Retirement, Health Care
  American International Assurance
  Company, Limited Life Insurance, Accident & Health, Retirement, Worksite, Credit Life, Group Insurance, OOC
  TM Asia Life (M) Berhad Education, Protection, Retirement, Wealth Accumulation, Group Insurance, Medical Insurance
  AXA Affin Life Insurance Berhad Life Insurance and Investment Linked
  Commerce Life Assurance Berhad Whole Life Insurance, Endowment Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Investment Linked, Cancer Plan (direct marketing or thru CIMB Bank), Takaful Global Giants, CIMB Wealth Advisors, Unit Trust
  Great Eastern Life Insurance 
  (M) Berhad Protection, Health, Education, Retirement, Investment Linked, MediCare 100,
  Hannover Life RE Re insurer
  Hong Leong Assurance Berhad Protection, Health and Medical, Saving and Investment, Retirement Planning
  ING Insurance Berhad Life Insurance, Employee Benefits, ING Funds
Banking, Insurance, Asset Management
  Malaysia National Insurance 
Life Insurance, Education Insurance, Health Insurance, Retirement plan, Maximum Protection, Wealth Accumulation, Personal Accident
  Malaysian Assurance Alliance
  Berhad Single premium plan, Individual Life Insurance, Investment Link
  Malaysian Life Reinsurance Group
  Berhad Re insurer
  Manulife Insurance (M) Berhad Whole Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Saving and Investment, Education Plan, Retirement Plan, Health and Medical Insurance, Business Insurance
  Mayban Life Assurance Berhad
Saving and Investment, Education Plan, Single Premium Endowment Plan, Health Insurance, Protection Plan
SeniorPA, MediRider, Premium Capital Income, Premier Value Saver, Premier Life Income, Mayban Linked Invest, EPF Unit Trust Investment Scheme,
Maybankard Credit Cards, Will Writing,
MaxiHome Contents,,
Kawanku Phone Bankimg, Air TravelCare & Domestic TravelCare
  MCIS Zurich Insurance Berhad Saving and Investment, Protection, Education Plan
  Prudential Assurance (M) Berhad Savings, Investments, Protection, Health and Medical, Child, Riders, PruSmall-cap fund, Best Equity Malaysia (The Edge-Lipper Fund Awards 2007), AILAKA Prudential Dana Al-Ilham Fund, Islamic Fund Awards 2006, Standard & Poor's 2007 Malaysia Fund Award
  Uni.Asia Life Assurance Berhad Protection, Saving and Investment, Education, Health, Accident
  Life Insurance Association of 
  Malaysia Self-regulation, continuing education and professional skills development to enhance the professionalism of the agency force and promote greater discipline and sound business practices among member companies.
  National Insurance Association
  Malaysia Teras Malaysia, Sihat Malaysia, Individual Plan, Group Plan, Buy Malaysian ! SIHAT MALAYSIA is a product by the National Insurance Association of Malaysia ( NIAM ) in collaboration with a Managed Care Organisation ( MCO ). All policyholders of SIHAT MALAYSIA will be enrolled as members of an MCO
  Malaysia Insurance Portal Online insurance quotes for Life Insurance, Term Insurance, Medical Insurance, Health Insurance, Education Plan, Retirement Plan, Saving Plan, Personal Accident, Employee Benefits, Group Term Life Insurance, Group Medical Insurance, Group Health Insurance, Group Personal Accident, Key man Insurance, Business Continuity Insurance, Expatriate Insurance, Wealth Protection Insurance, Investment Linked,
Cheaper rate, Faster, Good Service, Experience in Claims and Resourceful.
  Teras Malaysia Term insurance for 15, 20, 25,35 years.This is a very unique product offered by a HLA, MAA, AmAssurance, MNI, MCIS Zurich. All premium will be refunded upon maturity.
  The Malaysian Insurance Institute
  (MII) Inculcating and fostering professional development within the insurance community,
Providing a full range of superior and relevant education products and services in insurance and insurance related areas,
Emphasizing on added value and quality assurance for our customer and partners
  Malaysian Financial Planning
  Council   (MFPC) Registered Financial Planner RFP
Your Pathway to Professionalism
  Financial Planning Association of
  Malaysia (FPAM) Certified Financial Planner
4 E's - Education, Examination, Experience and Ethics. Internationally recognised CFP designation that is governed by the CFP Board of Standards. Make sure you get someone certified to chart your financial future.

  Bank Negara Malaysia Central Bank of Malaysia.
  Malaysia Goverment 's Official Portal Malaysia Government Kerajaan Malaysia
  Rockwills Corparation Sdn Bhd Professional Will Writing, Will Custody,
Estate Planning, Genuine Will, Legally Binding, Bar-Coded, Security Stamp,
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